Take disruption & make it work

For those who attended the Digital Marketing Strategies for Higher Education summit in Melbourne on 20-21 July 2016, the notion of disruption was raised as a key factor in pushing marketers, in all industries, to a new level of performance and measurement. How does your university embrace this disruption and make it work for you?

Why Marketing Automation?

When you begin to understand the benefits and cost savings of inbound marketing, you will generally begin to build personas. It’s at this stage you begin to experience the limitations of email marketing.

Marketing Automation empowers your marketing team to execute your engagement strategy with ease as you begin to enjoy the rewards that come from automation.

Marketing Automation provides a unique level of insight into the digital behaviour, or Digital Body Language™ as we like to call it or your students.

Case Studies for Education & Business

Case studies are a great way to learn from other, both from within the educational sector as well as commercial organisations. Upskilled, a leader in the provision of outstanding certificate and diploma programs has been using Eloqua for almost four years. You can access a case study of their success by submitting the form on this page.

Looking beyond the educational sector, to companies like Canon Australia, you begin to uncover the benefits they've enjoyed with Marketing Automation and Eloqua. Canon use Eloqua across their Business Services and Consumer Imaging divisions.

Over the past 12 months we've worked with the University of Southern Queensland, the University of New South Wales, Newcastle University and the University of Tasmania. Their use of Eloqua differs and the benefits they're realising, also differ.

Begin with the end in Mind - SmartStart, the Eloqua approved implementation process

The purpose of SmartStart is to ensure all Eloqua customers get off to the right start. The insight brought by Marketing Cube is our ability to reference almost 100 different installs of Eloqua across AsiaPac.

That insight helps ensure we save you time and avoid common mistakes by those new to marketing automation.

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