Account-Based Marketing Handbook
A potent approach that puts sales & marketing together.
As marketers chase after the same people with the same tactics, traditional marketing has become less worth the time—and the money.

Email outreach worked until spam clogged up inboxes. Content marketing worked until everybody started to put out sub-standard material.

Search engine marketing worked until it became inundated with new players clamouring for attention. Even inbound tactics aren’t delivering the results they once did.

As the need for performance continues to climb, so does the status of account-based marketing (ABM), especially in the B2B sphere.
Download the handbook to discover...
  • The foundations of Account-Based Marketing
  • It treats every account as a market of one
  • Build experiences based on channel
  • It forces marketing alignment
  • It unites sales and marketing
  • Account Selection
  • Shaping Content for Account-Based Marketing
  • Content Goals for Account-Based Marketing
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Why Account-Based Marketing?
Less than one percent of leads turn into revenue-generating customers. Relying upon email blasts and form completion won’t gain results you’re looking for. To not waste your organisation’s time, money, and effort, a new way to cultivate relationships is required. ABM leverages the power of hyper relevancy to speak more directly to a customer’s needs and thus has a better chance of winning them over. Marketers who adopt account-based strategies are more successful and more competitive than their peers who market to mass audiences. And there’s data to prove it.


30% of marketers using ABM saw more than 100% increase engagement with C-Level executives.


Companies using ABM for a yeat report a 10% increase in revenue, while 19% report 30% revenue growth.


Organisations believe 33% of their current customer & prospect data is inaccurate.


91% of C-level executives believe that preparing data for insight costs their businesses resources and efficiency.


ABM’s personalised approach relies heavily on reaching prospects via accurate email and contact methods, there’s no room for weak data.

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